Orofino Wines - Our Story

JOHN AND VIRGINIA WEBER both grew up in Southern Saskatchewan far away from anything to do with grapes and the wine industry. The closest they ever got to wine production was the jugs of chokecherry wine John’s parents made in their basement. Virginia studied nursing and became a registered nurse and John received a Bachelor of Arts in English and then went on to finish an Education degree from the University of Saskatchewan. Both got the travel bug and spent the majority of the two years after University travelling and working abroad.

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Our Winery

The conception of our winery began in the spring of 2003. After months of researching and debating alternatives, the decision was made to build Canada’s first strawbale winery in the Similkameen Valley. Building design incorporated function and eye-pleasing detail.

The Orofino winery, Canada’s first strawbale winery was constructed in 2004/2005. The eco-friendly design consists of two buildings adjoined by a breezeway.

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Our Vineyards

Our wines stand out because of the seasoned farmers who are dedicated to producing the best grapes possible from their special vineyard sites. We work closely with each grower and have chosen to partner with them because of their mad skills and their particular terroir. We celebrate this relationship and feel it is a real strength of our business. Their work is acknowledged on the many single vineyard designated wines that we produce.

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Our wine Tasting Room and office building is 100% run a on solar panel hybrid system we installed in 2012.

The Strawbale design improves the energy efficiency of our building, a technique that's been around for 200 years.

Similkameen Valley

The magical Similkameen Valley sits in close proximity to the South Okanagan and the US border. The valley is tied together by the Similkameen River surrounded by orchards and family run farms. We invite you to experience the laid back vibe of our neighbourhood.

Top 5 reasons to visit the Valley

World Class Wineries

Taste the world class wines from the Similkameen Independent Winegrowers. This is what EnRoute Magazine called one of the top 5 undiscovered wine regions in the world!

Explore the Similkameen River

Explore the beautiful Similkameen River. Float, fish, or swim in it!

Official Organic Capital of Canada

Visit the farms and fruit stands in the valley to find the best produce in Canada's Official Organic Capital of Canada.

Local Events

Attend our local events like our Farm-Focus Longtable Dinners, or the sizzling PepperFest.

Scenic Routes

The short scenic drive to the Similkameen will promote relaxation, increase your chill-out quotient and possibly leave you longing to return again and again.