Eat Magazine’s feature on the 1.6 Mile Dinner

Writer Jeanette Montgomery of Eat Magazine followed us from the early beginnings of the 2013 version of our signature event The 1.6 MILE DINNER.


“For two months I had the opportunity to observe Okanagan-based Joy Road Catering, local champions, as they prepared for a hyper-local food experience: a 1.6 Mile Dinner at Orofino Winery in Cawston. The premise: everything edible must be sourced from within 1.6 miles of the winery.

Before you think `yeah, whatever – another hipster local food story`, consider the building blocks of good dining – like salt, olive oil, and acid (vinegars). Joy Road was permitted to cheat on one thing: salt. All other ingrediernts – from almond milk in the dessert to the spit roasted pig – was grown within the designated boundary. ”

Read the whole story and view Jeanette`s beautiful pictures here

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