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The Creation of the Orofino Long Table

For a couple of years now Virginia and I have been wanting to create a dining space next to our wood-fired oven and the winery. That outdoor space is perfect for relaxing with friends and enjoying company until the wee hours of the morning. It has seen a fair number of late night parties. We needed a table though. A proper long table that would mean something to our family and stand for decades to come. A couple of months back we found exactly what we were looking for and chronicled the construction of the table. We hope to share it with all those who want to pass some time here at Orofino.


Its good to know a guy with a big saw when you want to make a table. Doug Crow is that guy. He helped cut the beam into 2 identical boards 4″ thick. I then sanded the boards, sanded the boards and then sanded the boards some more. From there, 2 coats of stain and 3 coats of a clearcoat finish to prep the boards for mounting to the legs. Our friend Marc LePage worked with us to design the big beefy legs made from 3″ tubular steel. Marc’s a pro welder and designed the legs for function and fashion. The boards were then bolted onto the legs and we had our dream long table ready for friends, family and functions.

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