An International Pinot Noir Tasting held at Orofino

Last week a group of Similkameen winemakers got together to taste some wine here in our kitchen at Orofino. Well, that doesn’t sound so extraordinary does it. Winemakers tasting wine. However, this tasting had a defined purpose. Money was pooled and top examples of Pinot Noir from around the world were purchased. Added to that was […]

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The Creation of the Orofino Long Table

For a couple of years now Virginia and I have been wanting to create a dining space next to our wood-fired oven and the winery. That outdoor space is perfect for relaxing with friends and enjoying company until the wee hours of the morning. It has seen a fair number of late night parties. We needed a table though. […]

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New Haircut…

Summer is in full swing! Following a little rain in the spring, we have had a hot summer, with temperatures reaching upwards of 40 degrees Celsius! Despite various forecasts for plenty of rain, as usual our little spot on the Cawston bench has remained relatively unscathed, allowing us to control the moisture levels with our drip […]

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