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Our Team

Our team is the sum of our parts, they align with our farmer values, and together, we make honest wines that we hope you'll love. 


John and Virginia Weber Coranne and Solo

Allison manages the wineshop and Collectors Club with a down to earth warmth and sense of humour. Not to mention, a great laugh!

John and Virginia, owners of Orofino, are hands-on in all aspects of the winery and winemaking. 

Coranne provides a personalized and thoughtful tasting experience for our guests. 

Poppy the Orofino Vineyard Dog Orofino Cellar and Vineyard Team
Duffy is our cellar assistant extraordinaire, also spending time in the vineyard and providing comic relief to the team. Poppy, the most adorable team member and Orofino winery dog

Orofino Vineyard and Cellar team

Orofino Jack and Coranne
Guillaume demonstrates his passion for farming in tending to our vineyards and helping with crush. Jack provides fresh perspective in the vineyard and on-site events.He and Coranne make guests feel at home. Jonas demonstrates his easy going nature, patience and interest in the vineyard and on the crushpad.


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