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Our Vineyards

"Our wines stand out because of the seasoned farmers who are dedicated to producing the best grapes possible from their special vineyard sites. We work closely with each grower and have chosen to partner with them because of their mad skills and their particular terroir. We celebrate this relationship and feel it is a real strength of our business. Their work is acknowledged on the many single vineyard designated wines that we produce."    ~Virginia & John Weber
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The Orofino vineyard was first planted in 1989 making these vines some of the oldest in the valley. It still has some original blocks including Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Riesling and Muscat. Replacement blocks include some Merlot (1999), Pinot Noir (2002 and 2008), and Petit Verdot (2010). We are adding 2 acres of Gamay on our new 3 acre property adjacent to the existing vineyard. Vines are grown in sandy loam with no rocks found for at least 2 feet. After that it is all river rock and gravel. The bench is prime agricultural land and has a proven track record for growing premium grapes.


Cawston Bench

1 acre Merlot (clone 181)
2.2 acres Pinot Noir (clones 113, 115, 828, 777)
.6 acre Riesling (clone 21B)
.7 acre Cabernet Franc (clone 327)
.6 acre Petit Verdot (clone 400)
.4 acre Muscat (orange)
2 acres Gamay


This vineyard was purchased by us in the fall of 2018. 1.9 acres of the 10.45 acre Passion Pit was planted to Cabernet Sauvignon for us in 2007. The rest was an orchard and was converted to grapes in the spring of 2019. We are super excited to be able to add to the existing plantings and consider this site to be a future cornerstone of Orofino wines for years to come. It just may be the hottest site in the Similkameen Valley with perfect slope to catch the sun and backed by steep granite cliffs that capture and retain the summer heat. The soils in this site vary dramatically from the Hendsbee and Orofino vineyards that are just a stone’s throw away. Passion Pit is full of angular granite rocks and shallow soils.  A former commercial gravel pit is right beside the vineyard.What’s with the name? The remote gravel pit was named “The Passion Pit” by locals who used it as a spot for late night romantic rendezvous. Ask any local about the Passion Pit and you will likely get a shy smile or see a twinkle in their eye.


Cawston Bench

5.5 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon (multiple clones)

4 acres of Syrah (multiple clones)


This picturesque vineyard a five minute walk from Orofino includes a very small block of Gamay that was planted in the late 90’s. It sits on a slope with perfect aspect overlooking the whole valley. Soil is very rocky with fist-sized granite rocks scattered throughout the block. Carmela and Antonio Celentano do all of the work there themselves and know the property intimately. They bring with them many years of viticulture knowledge from Italy. Orofino started making wine from this vineyard in 2007.

Celentano Vineyard


Cawston Bench

.5 acres of Gamay


Top Cawston orchardists Lee and Cheryl Hendsbee started to convert their mixed orchard to grape production in 2006. Grape varieties were chosen to maximize the site’s potential and meet Orofino’s production needs. The vineyard is right beside Orofino and it shares the same soil profile. Two to four feet of rich sandy loam sits on top of fist-size river rock and then gravel for 100 feet or more. In its infancy, the vineyard has produced exceptional, multi-award winning wines for Orofino. All of the work in the vineyard is done by Cheryl and Lee and they set the standard for grapes grown in the region.


Cawston Bench

3.5 acres Riesling (clones 239 and 21b)
1.6 acres Merlot (clone 181)
1.0 acre Cabernet Sauvignon (clone 191)
.9 acres Pinot Gris (clone 52)
.6 acres Petit Verdot (clone 400)
.6 acres Muscat Blanc


Added to our family of vineyards in 2016 this is a unique and isolated site at high elevation in the cool Olalla Gap tucked around the mountain off of Highway 3A. Just 7km away from Orofino but completely different growing conditions. Less direct sunlight hours, especially in the autumn results in a cool site perfect for fresh Rosé and Loire-style Cabernet Franc. The site also features serious slope to shed the Olalla winds and frost and river rock soils mixed with shale and sandy loam. Unbelievable beauty and truly unique growing conditions are the hallmark of this vineyard site.


The Olalla Gap

3 acres Cabernet Franc


The Mutch Vineyard is located right below us on the valley floor just a 5 minute walk from the winery. It was planted in 2010. We lease and farm the whole property. The Mutch Vineyard has rich and deep soils on top of river rock and gravel. Being on the valley floor means a higher water table and in some years we dry farm this whole site.


Cawston Flats

2 acres Gamay
2 acres Merlot
2 acres Pinot Gris
1.5 acres Chardonnay
.5 acres Orange Muscat

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